Spicer’s Meat Wagon is a family run mobile smoke house. Our concept is great BBQ and we work over 4 of the America BBQ regions; South Carolina, Texas, Kansas City and Memphis.

Our BBQ rig AKA “the beauty boys” are our show stoppers. Fuelled on a blend of charcoal and hardwood “the beasty boys” low and slow smoke the menu to perfection. We believe that event catering should be fun, flexible and tailored to you.

We offer a wide range of classic pit BBQ dishes as well as a few of our own making. From smoked Brisket, pork belly burnt ends, buffalo wings, French dip sandwiches, to buffalo chicken buns, Paprika butter corn on the cob and Mac and cheese off the grill. If it’s a BBQ classic, then you can be sure it will be on the menu.

BBQ is our passion and our goal is to bring you the best BBQ you’ve ever had. We’ve spent years developing all our own rubs, sauces and glazes and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. With extensive experience in all areas of catering, event management and much more we’re well equipped to help you create the perfect event, from start to finish.

Our Sponsors

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This year we are also proud to announce our sponsorship deal with old Samuel Bourbon. The wonderful team at the Dutch Brewery have agreed to keep us stocked up on their amazing new range of Bourbons. Why not ask for a free tipple at our next event? 


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